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Thanks in part to a KyotoCooling System, Bell Canada and its partner, Urbacon Architecture, were recently awarded the 2012 Green Enterprise IT Award for Facility Design and Innovation by the Uptime Institute. The institute, an independent international research, education and consulting organization focused on the data center industry, recognizes companies that significantly improve energy productivity and resource use in the IT sector. It recognized Bell for the sustainable green building and development practices used in constructing its Ottawa region data center. The data center’s cutting-edge design combines green architectural approaches with energy-efficient operational features, resulting in an industry-leading power usage effectiveness rating of 1.26, including office and meeting rooms.

Ecological Economic Benefits

  • 10-year lifecycle kWh saved: 392 million kWh
  • 10-year lifecycle operational savings: 23 million-plus
  • 10-year lifecycle water conserved: 127 million gallons
  • 10-year lifecycle CO2 reduction: 236,642

“The key energy efficiency aspect of the award-winning facility is the cooling system, which uses free cooling from the air-to-air-based heat exchange KyotoCooling System,” said Antonio Mancini, principal at Urbacon Architecture, the design consultant on the project. “I designed the first installation of this system in North America three years ago and strongly recommend it for energy conservation and reduced mechanical construction time, and significant reduction in maintenance and operating expenses.”

98% Free Cooling 1.08 — Annual Mechanical PUE

The data center’s energy efficiency will cut typical carbon dioxide emissions by 12,000 tons initially, and total annual power savings are estimated at 17 million kilowatt hours for the first phase — enough to power more than 1,400 homes. Built to meet LEED Gold status for design and construction, the new Bell data center is also Tier III-certified by the Uptime Institute for high availability and resiliency.

As a result of its work with KyotoCooling System, Bell Canada was named the greenest company in Canada and the 13th greenest in the world on Newsweek’s list of World’s Greenest companies.