Custom Air Handlers

KyotoCooling was originally developed as a custom air handling unit solution. In 2013, the company expanded its product offering to include a series of standard-designed packaged air-handling units. With much of the original research and development focused on providing custom solutions, the engineers at KyotoCooling designed unique features that allow KyotoCooling to meet virtually any type of architectural and MEP design requirements:

  • The ability to build air handlers in nearly any capacity increment, allowing the user to precisely scale construction of their data center with their capital expenditure plan;
  • Unit casing designs flexible enough to meet even the most restrictive floor plans;
  • Customized redundancy by dividing the refrigeration, controls and electrical circuits within an air-handler, allowing the user to achieve the required redundancy without increasing the unit footprint or adding another air-handler, and
  • Evaporative pre-coolers that are installed on the outside air intake, allowing the user to gain the energy efficiency of using a low wet bulb temperature in dry climates for cooling, reduce the total refrigeration capacity, and subsequently, reduce the peak operating load of the system.