About Us

Founded in 2008, KyotoCooling provides mission-critical, water free cooling with unparalleled levels of reliability, efficiency and modularity for data centers. With hundreds of installations in various climates around the world, KyotoCooling is the most experienced supplier of indirect cooling solutions in the data center industry. The company has offices in Amersfoort, Netherlands; Dallas, Texas; Johannesburg, South Africa and Tianjin, China.

Simple and Eco-Friendly

KyotoCooling is simple but elegant. Our patented eco-friendly cooling design is comprised of high quality mechanical components and sophisticated controls to provide the maximum ROI with the lowest risk and operating cost. KyotoCooling reduces kilowatt hours consumed and CO2 emissions, and eliminates the need for water. Our clients regularly achieve LEED status, win energy awards and are among the top echelon of environmentally responsible organizations.

Flex to Load Cooling

KyotoCooling units are modular and scalable, and accommodate legacy and next generation computing environments. Our KyotoCooling controls are completely self-regulated and support dynamic workload changes brought about by virtualization in private and public clouds.

Our product offering includes standardized manufactured products as well as architecturally integrated custom designs. We bring knowledge, experience and commitment to our clients, which include United Airlines, Hewlett Packard, Bell Canada and Rogers Communications, among others.