Smart Sub Components

KyotoCooling is comprised of high quality mechanical components




Electronically Commutated Fans

AC motors are designed to operate at a certain point on their performance curve, which coincides with their peak efficiency. Either side of this operating point, the efficiency can drop off considerably.  EC motors on the other hand have an almost flat efficiency curve, which varies relatively little across the speed range, a range which is not limited by synchronous speeds or as susceptible to voltage fluctuations as an AC motor.  This makes the EC fan much more flexible in terms of being able to use the same product to match the performance requirements of different applications while still benefiting from increased efficiency.


MicroChannel Coils

Microchannel Coils are very efficient heat changers, in part, due to the very high ratio of primary surface (direct cooling via refrigerant and tubes) versus secondary surface (fins) when compared to round tube plate fin (TPF) coils.  In traditional RPTF coils, the refrigerant typically flows though a 3/8-in. tube, with direct cooling really only taking place around the surface of the copper tube (and extending to aluminum fins).  As a result, you essentially have a lot of wasted space —and refrigerant—in the center of the tube.  This surface allows for a more compact coil design and substantial reduction in refrigerant charge, because there’s less total tube/coil volume required.  This adds up to Highest Efficiency, Lowest Leak Potential, and Superior heat Transfer, Greatest Corrosion Resistance, Earth Friendly Green Recycled Metal Construction, Base and Walls and Thermal Wheels.


The KyotoWheel is used to optimize air to air heat rejection in the KyotoCooling solution.  This is the core of KyotoCooling which produces the most efficient and effective heat transfer across discrete inside and outside air streams without any substantive leakage.  As a result, the conditioned space is maintained, particulates and humidity transfer effects are eliminated, and energy efficiency is maximized.  Trusted by firms all over the world for multi-megawatt installations, the Series 100 heat wheels provide the same benefits for smaller applications. Operating from -50F to +110F, these all aluminum media KyotoWheel units are epoxy coated and have a design life expectancy of more than 25 years.

Scroll Compressors

KyotoCooling utilizes second-generation variable speed Scroll Compressors that incorporate patented, reliable and innovative drive coupling for maximum durability.  These compressors have an extended operating range making them suitable for climatic conditions that pumped refrigerant systems cannot manage.  KyotoCooling Scroll Compressors deliver exceptional energy efficiency and turndown control for series use with KyotoCooling.  Wheel applications are able to optimize and extend shoulder-cooling conditions in warmer geographies.  Combined with micro channel coils, these Gen-2 Scroll Compressors provide quiet, energy efficient and eco-friendly mission critical cooling.  By e-piping and pre-charging at factory, we maintain exact quality control on the unit and a ready to use capability without site pipe routing, welding, test and charge delays prior to start up.