Energy, Water and Total Cost


Power usage effectiveness (PUE) has received broad adoption in the industry and consumed much of the industry’s focus on best practices. PUE is the efficiency of the cooling plant with respect to critical load being cooled. KyotoCooling delivers the lowest possible PUE, typically 1.05-1.15 in most parts of the world and at 1.25 in the warmest climates when operating at peak demand.

The water usage effectiveness (WUE) metric, a natural extension of PUE was also developed by The Green Grid to address water usage in data centers.  The focus of data center water usage effectiveness made headlines when Facebook released its initial data on WUE at its data center in Prineville, Ore.  Inherently, KyotoCooling is not dependent on water and therefore has a WUE of zero.  Even if a client chooses a responsible use of water with our design, our water use is typically 80 percent less than other industry solutions.

In addition to WUE, carbon usage effectiveness (CUE) is the overall carbon footprint, or carbon dioxide emissions of the facilities energy consumption with respect to critical load. These two measures extend the family of xUE metrics and the data center industry’s focus on efficiency beyond power.  KyotoCooling also has the lowest possible CUE because we provide the lowest data center energy footprint.

Compressor-Free Cooling Equals Money Saved

The efficiency of the KyotoWheel provides access to more compressor-free cooling hours than any other heat exchanger on the market. Additionally, by using variable-speed compressors, combined with positioning the KyotoWheel in series with DX cooling, you get partial compressor-free cooling for a majority of the year, anywhere in the world, and without water or bringing outside air into your data hall.

Real Focus on Total Cost of Ownership

KyotoCooling creates optimal data center efficiency by utilizing simple, high-quality mechanical components and self-regulated controls. The result is the lowest TCO of any data center cooling solution in the market, as evidenced by proven results from a large worldwide installed base.

  • We separate supply and return air, and apply a 90% efficient air to air cooling system to reject heat with minimal energy expenditure.
  • By allowing compressors to remain off for up to 75% of the year, the life expectancy of compressors will effectively double.
    We provide 100% backup cooling for risk elimination.
  • We provide 100% backup cooling for risk elimination.
  • We control and adapt automatically to changes in temperature inside and outside of the data hall, without operator intervention.
  • We provide 24/7 support, monitoring and response.

KyotoCooling has a remarkable impact on the entire data center.

  • Net white space increases as CRACs and CRAHs are removed.
  • Total building size can be reduced.
  • Trenching is eliminated.
  • Water infrastructure is eliminated.
  • Project time is reduced.
  • Control development and tests are eliminated.
  • Test and balance are minimized.
  • Electrical installation costs are reduced.
  • Commissioning is shortened.
  • Raised floor is now optional.
  • Overall Risk is reduced.