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Retrofit Applications
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Custom Air Handlers

Welcome to KyotoCooling

KyotoCooling’s air-side economization is the most economical and efficient data center cooling technology on the market today.  Based on its patented technology, KyotoCooling utilizes the KyotoWheel to provide 90% effectiveness in heat rejection to produce and maximize constant free cooling hours in your data center.  With a long history of installations in mission critical Tier III and Tier IV data centers in hot and cold climates around the world, KyotoCooling operating performance and economical benefits are unprecedented.  The average Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) across all current KyotoCooling installations worldwide is less than 1.25.

What is KyotoCooling

At KyotoCooling , we understand the demands placed on data centers and have engineered scalable solutions that save energy and deliver results.  Read More

Product Details

Our Factory-Built Packaged AHU deployment can be built in sizes ranging from 35 KW – 1,300 KW, and ship in a single piece up to 400 KW. Read More

KyotoCooling Patent protected technology

About Us

Kyotocooling LogoFounded in 2008, KyotoCooling provides mission-critical, water free cooling with unparalleled levels of reliability, efficiency and modularity for data centers. With hundreds of installations in various climates around the world, KyotoCooling is the most experienced supplier of indirect cooling solutions in the data center industry. The company has offices in Amersfoort, Netherlands, Dallas, Texas, Johannesburg, South Africa and Tianjin, China.