Retrofit Applications

In addition to the multiple green-field deployments, KyotoCooling is a great solution for retrofit applications. Whether you are looking to add free-cooling to your data center, or you are looking to replace existing CRAC/CRAH units with something more efficient, there is a KyotoCooling solution that fits your needs.

KyotoCooling Chilled Water CRAH Unit

Are your CRAH units reaching the end of their life? Or are you looking for ways to increase efficiency in your existing data center?  The KyotoCooling CRAH unit will give you the highest ROI.

By using two 50 KW KyotoWheels that combine to equal the same surface area as one 100 KW KyotoWheel, and by removing the refrigeration components and adding a chilled water coil, we were able to design a unit that closely matches any 100 KW CRAH footprint.

The KyotoCooling CRAH unit takes advantage of the efficiency that your existing chilled water plant provides while giving you the added benefit of economizing with the KyotoWheel; no other like-for-like replacement can do that!

KyotoCooling Economizer

The KyotoCooling Economizer provides two great benefits:

  • It will drastically improve the PUE of your data center without the invasiveness of an equipment change out, and
  • Allows you to sample KyotoCooling before making the commitment to a complete KyotoCooling Solution.

Here is how it works:

1. First, the KyotoCooling Economizer comes with: the fans, the KyotoWheel and the KyotoCooling shell without any refrigeration components:

2.  The KyotoCooling Economizer can be deployed on a rooftop, on grade or in any number of custom deployment methods to fit your situation.  This is an example of the rooftop deployment:

3.  The KyotoCooling Economizer will “steal” the return air from the data hall, cool the air with the KyotoWheel, then dump the pre-cooled return air into the return air stream of the existing mechanical cooling.  This effectively puts the KyotoWheel in series with mechanical cooling, which is one of the key aspects of the KyotoCooling system.

4.  Lastly, after you receive your first electric bill and realize the magnitude of the savings, we then install the refrigeration components, and you are ready for a seamless equipment replacement.